Owner and operator Francis Tenaglia is a proud Northerner who has travelled, worked, and studied all over Ontario and Western Canada in the Arboriculture and forestry trades for 17 years. He holds diplomas in Forestry, Urban Forestry and Arboriculture from Fleming College, and is also a certified Utility Arborist.

Upper Hand Tree Care uses the most up-to-date and professional tree trimming and tree removal techniques. Proper tree care is an art and a passion that Francis and his employees are proud to share with their customers day to day.

We use safe rigging techniques to drastically reduce the chance of any property damage. We follow Ontario Health and Safety Act (OHSA) rules and the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) rules and regulations. All workers are covered under WSIB and the company holds a clean safety record as well as liability insurance for $5,000,000.

We provide services in hazardous tree assessments to help you see disease and tree issues before they become a major problem. If ignored, these problems can cost you thousands of dollars in damage. We make it our priority that you have the Upper Hand.